A Brief Data Warehouse Tutorial

What is a data warehouse? Data warehouses have grown in popularity in the past decades. These information storing centers were created because there was not yet a way to perform data analysis and the management of data with an operational system. These systems were not able to reduce data redundancy or perform data integration. They also could not analyze data and were not effective at reporting what analyses were found with the data. This was because no system had yet been made to deal with such massive amounts of data yet. Before the 1980's, data kept in operational systems was usually managed manually as it had been before electronic data. It was possibly kept electronically, but browsing through it and categorizing or analyzing this data had to be performed with humans.

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In order to know what is a data warehouse, it may be necessary to contrast it with the database. So what is a database? A database is, to the outside observer, virtually the same as a data warehouse - both are facilities where data is stored. However, there are several key differences. The database is a place where electronic data is kept. This data may be updated and managed using a database management program of some type. The primary purpose of a database is that it makes the information it keeps organized so that it can be accessed easily from possibly several different programs, in order that it can be managed with ease, and so that it can be updated. Databases are designed to store current or relevant information, not older information which is outdated or no longer useful. There are various types of databases as well. Some databases are bibliographic, others are full-text, some are numeric, while others hold images, to name a few. These different kinds of databases are helpful for different projects or applications. It is crucial to have a database that is relevant for the project at hand, but part of what makes a database is the fact that it can generally be accessed in a few different ways by several programs.

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What is a data warehouse and how does it differ from a database? Data warehouses are totally different from databases and serve a distinct purpose that the database does not. The data warehouse involves specific subjects, which is often the case with databases also. Data warehouses, like databases, will work with specific subjects of data related to the business or other organization for which they store data. A data warehouse, contrary to a database, is integrated. It takes information from several sources across various sections and brings them to the same places. Data warehouses have a single definition for the objects they hold. While in other databases there can be more than one definition, the data warehouse will use a tool called name conflict resolution to remove the incorrect similar items. This will make the data integrated like a data warehouse tutorial.

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Perhaps the main differences between databases and data warehouses are that data warehouses are usually nonvolatile, time-variant, and can be used for management decision making based upon historical data and facts. That the data warehouses are nonvolatile means that the information, when it is in the data warehouse, does not change. Many databases change often to reflect more recent information. Nevertheless, data warehouses do not change the information. They are time-variant, which indicate that they are nonvolatile. As everything in the data warehouse is classified not just by its type but also its location in time, data warehouse information may be tracked over long periods of time.

Data Warehousing - What Can Data Warehousing Be?
Data warehousing is the gathering of data across a number of networks that are transformed into useful applications for computer users. The term essentially relates to the "warehousing of data," or saving of data-but there is much more to data warehouse techniques than storing data.

Enterprise Data Warehouse - Must You Utilize An Enterprise Data Warehouse For Your Organization?
Businesses should have one particular version of data. The majority of businesses have several functions that must work in order for the business to carry on. To keep the information centralized and well-contained, there should only be one data storage unit for all of the company information.

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