Charger Pad - What Are The Best Charger Pads For Cell Phones And Other Electronics?

The best charger pad for cell phones along with other electronics for 2012 is the Powermat 3X. The other three top charger pads are listed below:

Duracell myGrid

Energizer Inductive Charger

WildCharge Pad

The Powermat 3X, placed the top wireless pad for 2012, was founded by the company "Powermat" in 2007. Powermat invented the charger pad because they saw a need for charger pads resulting from the increase in mobile phone generation. The Powermat 3X charger pad have three divisions of mat space (for a total of 3 cell phones max), maximum power consumption of 18, with an internal battery that can be charged. For cell phone clients, the Powermat 3X could be charged then run off of its battery to charge mobile phones. The Powermat 3X costs you somewhere around $77.70, but you can obtain a Powermat 2X charger pad at Best Buy for $69.99 that comes with Powercube technological innovation.

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The Duracell myGrid, considered second for wireless pads in 2012, features about 15 watts of power but no internal battery. Moreover, the Duracell device only charges devices that have a clip or sleeve attached with its center. It runs off of traditional electric technology, but is suitable for nearly all phone produced (whether old or just young model). The second-ranked instrument "keeps going and going" for $99.00.

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The Energizer Inductive Charger ranks third among the wireless pads for 2012. It contains 15 watts of power that will charge three devices simultaneously-though one must be charged via the wireless pad's USB port. The Energizer Inductive Charger, "Inductive" as part of its name, indicates that the device charges cell phones via an electromagnetic field. The pad features an "automatic shutoff" function that quits to charge your battery once the battery reaches "complete." You could charge your cell phone, leave it on the pad, and not worry about the pad pulling power from the socket or igniting items within your home. This marvelous charger costs $89.99.

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Last on the listing for 2012 is the WildCharge Pad. WildCharge, Inc., founded in 2005, made the item (also known as a "magic pad charger") within 2007. The WildCharge contains 15 watts of power, more than enough to charge multiple cell phones at the same time. Like the Duracell myGrip, the WildCharge only charges cell phones that contain a clip or sleeve attached to the pad at all times. The cost of the magic pad runs around $49.99.

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An important of wireless pads is that they are "wireless"-they require no socket devices in order to work (depending on the type). Cell phones can rebuild their batteries without requiring a cell phone adapter. Moreover, the flat shape of the wireless charger pads ensures portability and ease for on-the-road travelling, no matter where you go. Another benefit of wireless pads is that they let you charge multiple cell phones simultaneously. Before wireless pads, sockets were the only cell phone charger for the home; if a family of five wanted to charge their cell phones, they needed to take turns (since there were not five chargers in the living room space). Today, cell phone charger sockets are no longer essential to charge cell phones, thanks in large part to the charger pad.

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